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How is Cashmere Obtained, What are the Properties of Cashmere?

Cashmere is a very expensive and valuable fabric type and we all love cashmere. We prefer to use cashmere on our most beautiful days or special occasions. However, we do not know much about cashmere's properties or how it is obtained. Therefore, in this article, we will try to present you everything you want to know about Kashmir.

How Is Cashmere Fiber Obtained?

How Is Cashmere Fiber Obtained?

Cashmere is actually the hair cover of the cashmere goat. The upper layer of cashmere consists of two different types of hair, the lower layer of bristle and fine wool. Cashmere hairs are taken from cashmere goats in June by combing or cutting.

What are the Properties of Cashmere Fiber?

Cashmere fiber is very similar to merino wool in terms of properties. Cashmere fiber consists of medula, scaly surface and cortex layers. The colors of cashmere wool include brown, white, yellow, beige or black. Only 250 grams of wool can be obtained from 1 cashmere goat that produces cashmere wool. However, this wool goes through a series of cleaning processes. These processes are the purification of dirt, oil and vegetable wastes. And after this purification process, only 100 to 150 grams of wool remains. This is the main reason why cashmere is expensive.

When the cashmere fiber is taken under the microscope, the cover cells are not less prominent and upturned as seen in the wool fiber. The scales of cashmere are fine and broad. Thanks to this feature, cashmere is brighter than wool. When cashmere is again viewed under the microscope, the transverse view of the fiber is almost round circles. Cashmere fiber is very sensitive to bases due to the extremely thin flake layer. And therefore its capacity to absorb liquids is very high.

What are the Uses of Cashmere?

What are the Uses of Cashmere?

Ropes, rugs, sacks, ropes and blankets are produced from the coarse fibers on the top layer of cashmere. From the fibers in the lower layer of cashmere, besides men's and women's fabrics, coats, sports jackets, silk cashmere are produced.

We use cashmere not only in daily life but also in making local clothes. It is mostly used for making scarves, shawls and belts in local clothing making.

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