What Makes Turkish Cotton So Special?

Understanding the Uniqueness of Turkish Cotton

Are you curious about Turkish cotton, its production, and how it stands out from other types of cotton? Then read on as we debunk some of the common myths surrounding this exceptional cotton.

Best quality cotton is grown in temperate and humid areas where the periodic temperature difference is high. Turkey and Anatolia, one of the most favorable regions for cotton production, produces the highest quality cotton in the world. The most cotton cultivation in Turkey is in the Aegean Region and Southeastern Anatolia Region. Turkish cotton is divided into classes in itself, with the highest quality cotton grown in the Aegean region.

Understanding the Uniqueness of Turkish Cotton

Here's some information on cotton production in Turkey and worldwide consumption:

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding Turkish towels. To be considered a Turkish cotton towel, it must be produced with 100% Turkish cotton. Currently, many sellers are masquerading standart cotton, microfiber or polyester towels as Turkish towels, which is misleading for customers who are looking for authentic Turkish cotton towels.

If we want to specify briefly;

We explained with official figures; Turkish cotton with a limited number of production is impossible to have so much in the market. As we have given the reports of Türkiye and the world cotton consumption and production above. It is surprising that a cotton with a limited number of production is found in abundance in the market and even at the same prices as microphiber material.

Because the towel in Turkish-style is currently very popular, it is produced in many different countries in the world. Of course, the techniques and quality produced in Turkey make it indisputable Turkish production towels unbeatable. It is necessary to clarify something. Each towel can be done in Turkish-style.

However, a towel should be produced with 100 %Turkish cotton in order to be a Turkish cotton towel. But in order to have a 100% Turkish cotton towel, both should be produced in Turkey and Turkish cotton should be used.

It's surprising that Turkish cotton, which has limited production, is so readily available in the market at prices comparable to microfiber materials. Even in Turkey, it's difficult for locals to find and purchase authentic Turkish cotton due to its rarity and expense.

In summary, while Turkish-style towels may resemble authentic Turkish cotton towels, only towels made with 100% Turkish cotton and produced in Turkey can truly be classified as such. Be wary of sellers who claim to offer Turkish towels at a low cost, as authentic Turkish cotton is a rare and valuable commodity.

How to Identify Authentic Turkish Cotton Towels: A Guide

How to Identify Authentic Turkish Cotton Towels: A Guide

Understanding the Distinction Between Turkish Towels and Turkish-style Towels.
When it comes to buying Turkish cotton towels, it can be tricky to determine whether you're investing in the real deal. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

  • The techniques and quality produced in Turkey make Turkish towels unbeatable compared to other countries. However, it's crucial to note that each towel can be done in Turkish-style, but a towel should be produced with 100 %Turkish Cotton and Hand Masters to be considered a Turkish cotton towel.
  • Be wary of low prices. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Authentic Turkish cotton towels are not cheap, and prices that are too low are an indication that the towel is not made with 100% Turkish cotton. (Pay attention to the price range. Authentic Turkish towels typically dont cost between $3 and $19.)
  • Don't be fooled by high prices. Just because a towel is expensive and carries an organic certificate or brand name, it doesn't necessarily mean it's 100% Turkish cotton.
  • Look for a reputable seller. To find the right seller, it's essential to buy products from companies with clear product descriptions and avoid purchasing products from international platforms. Instead, try private and sustainable companies' websites that sell authentic Turkish cotton towels.

How to understand that there is a towel Turkish cotton towel?

Although you don't have the opportunity to understand without using it, those who use a real Turkish cotton towel do not use any other towel again.

  • You can identify a genuine Turkish towel by several features, such as softening over time, quick drying, and providing comfort when touching your body after a bath. Additionally, authentic Turkish cotton towels are durable and can last for decades.
  • Choose natural, undyed cotton. If you take it from the naturally no painted, we prefer the natural one in Turkey. The smell of real cotton lasts for years and provides a great feeling. Authentic Turkish towels are also very durable and can last for decades.
How to understand that there is a towel Turkish cotton towel?

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