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Promotional towels are a practical and aesthetic way to reach a broad and diverse audience, making them a powerful tool in marketing. ZEGSEN is a quality brand that offers a wide range of promotional towel models, made from natural ingredients and various fabrics.

Consider factors such as design, quality, and pricing when choosing promotional towel. These items can enhance a brand's value and increase exposure among the public. There are many types of promotional towels available, including small hand towels, large drying towels, and bath towels.



Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

As a company based in Turkey, we take pride in our fast and reliable shipping policy. We know that shipping costs can sometimes be confusing, which is why we strive to provide transparent and understandable pricing policies.

We understand the importance of affordable shipping, which is why our prices are based on weight. This means that the more products you add to your basket, the lower the overall shipping cost will be. For example, purchasing two towels instead of one may result in a lower shipping cost overall.

By making our product and shipping prices clear and easy to understand, we hope to provide our customers with a hassle-free shopping experience.


1 - Preparation Time:
Unlike a drop-shipping company, we have our own warehouse where we keep our products. Orders are typically prepared within 1-2 days and delivered to the courier company.

2 - Delivery Time:
We partnership via UPS and FedEx Express and our estimated delivery times are as follows: All Europe: 1-2 business days USA and North America: 2-3 business days Rest of the world: 3-4 business days.

3 - Delivery Issues:
We are responsible for your order until it reaches you. You will not be held accountable for any lost or damaged items.

Rest assured, we take full responsibility for your order until it is delivered to you accurately and securely. If your order is lost or damaged during transit, we will either refund your payment or send a new shipment.

Important note for delivery: To ensure that your order is processed correctly, please provide accurate contact information during checkout and avoid using a P.O.BOX.

4 - Customs and Taxes:
The buyer is responsible for any customs fees or taxes that their country may impose.

Purchase, it's important to note that any additional charges, such as customs fees, VAT and tax, are not included in the selling price of any product sold on ZEGSEN. Your purchase is strictly limited to the product price and shipping fee. To avoid any confusion, customers are responsible for any potential customs fees, VAT payments and country taxes that may apply.

Rest assured; we take all the necessary steps to ensure that your products pass through customs without any issues. Our shipping companies handle all the required notifications with customs, preventing any shipments from being held or stored in the country's customs office. To date, not our shipping and offer has been stuck or hiding at the customs of the country.

Rest assured that UPS and FedEx take care of any customs-related situations that may arise during the delivery process. You'll receive all the necessary information to handle the procedures by phone or email, meaning that you don't need to go anywhere to resolve the issue.

IMPORTANT: To ensure a speedy resolution, please provide the address and email you used when placing your order.

For detailed explanations, you can check our tax and vat page.

5 - Shipping Fees:

Shipping Fees and Costs for ZEGSEN Website Orders

At ZEGSEN, we offer fast and affordable shipping options for our worldwide customers. Expect the most competitive shipping rates in the market, with guaranteed delivery times of 2-4 working days. As you add more items to your cart, the shipping price becomes even more cost-effective.

We strive to offer fair pricing and net shipping costs for all our products, regardless of your location. While we do not provide free shipping, we ensure that every customer receives the same pricing on our products.

To maintain transparency, we provide a clear breakdown of our shipping fees, which are calculated based on the weight of your shopping basket. Rest assured that the shipping fee is the same for all customers worldwide.

If you're curious about our shipping costs, feel free to check out our competitive rates and see for yourself on your order cart.

Thank you for choosing us. Feel free contact us.


Towel for Promotion

Enhancing Your Marketing Strategy with Promotional Towels

Promotional items such as towels can be a remarkably powerful tool in the world of marketing, as they can help businesses and individuals alike reach a broad and diverse audience. With these items, companies can improve communication with customers, attract new clients and enhance their overall brand value. While numerous promotional items are available, towels are among the most popular due to their practicality and aesthetic appeal. However, it's important to carefully consider the towel's design, quality, and pricing to strike a balance. Since promotional towels are used daily and for various purposes, it's essential to opt for high-quality materials that provide both comfort and durability.

ZEGSEN is a quality brand that offers a wide range of promotional towel models suitable for every need and use. Their towels are made from natural ingredients and are produced using various fabrics and dyeing techniques. Cotton woven towels are particularly popular as they are soft to the touch and absorbent. ZEGSEN is the number one promotional towel and giftware manufacturer in Turkey and Europe, offering affordable prices and special discounts for wholesale purchases.

In conclusion, promotional towels are an excellent choice for businesses, agencies, associations, and parties looking to attract the attention of their target audience. With a wide range of options available, it is important to choose a high-quality towel that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Key Considerations for Purchasing Promotional Towels and Gifts:

Key Considerations for Purchasing Promotional Towels and Gifts:

Analyze your competitors and strive to differentiate yourself from them, regardless of whether you're a new or established business.

  • Promotional hand towels are an effective way to enhance your brand's value and increase exposure among the public.
  • Take advantage of ZEGSEN' customizable option to print any design you upload for your brand on the promotional towel, serving as a great branding opportunity.
  • Corporate gift-giving is an important practice domestically and internationally, as it fosters goodwill and strengthens relationships.
  • Hypoallergenic promotional towel products are available, making them ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.
  • Wholesale promotional towel souvenir shopping offers special discounts, meaning you can purchase plenty of products at affordable prices.

Exploring the Characteristics of Promotional Towels and Gifts

Towels are an essential part of our daily lives and should be purchased with careful attention to quality. Among the various models of promotional towel souvenirs, there is a wide range of materials, sizes, and prices available. For instance, towels used in private living spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom, should be highly absorbent, soft, and antibacterial. The quality of the towel products that come into contact with constantly wet areas can be determined by the frequency of weaving.

Thanks to the customizable options and different printing techniques, you can print your personal design and order as many as you need. Promotional towels can be found in various sizes and designs, and this variety brings with it a corresponding range of prices. Widths ranging from 20mm-10mm, lengths between 400mm-1000mm, heights from 2mm-20mm, and weights from 6g-100g may vary.

Understanding Promotional Towel and Gift Item Price Ranges

Understanding Promotional Towel and Gift Item Price Ranges

If you're interested in promotional towels, it's important to note that they come in a variety of styles to suit every taste and need, including tea towels and hand towels. The price of these promotional items will depend on the style and quantity purchased, and prices can vary widely.

Factors that influence the price of promotional towels include the raw materials used, the transformation of those materials into yarn, hygiene practices, weaving techniques, size, design, dyeing, printing, and more. All of these factors will impact the final price of the product.

Luckily, there are options for those looking for affordable promotional towel shopping. ZEGSEN offers wholesale promotional towels, which can provide a budget-friendly solution for those looking to purchase in bulk.

Types of Promotional Towel Souvenirs to Consider: Are you looking for the perfect promotional towel souvenir?

Here are some of the varieties that are sure to make an impact in any setting:

Maximizing the Use of Promotional Towels & Gifts

Promotional towel souvenirs have a wide range of uses, making them a versatile gift. You can use them in various areas of your home such as the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or even in outdoor spaces like gardens or outdoor kitchens. An excellent way to show hospitality is by preparing special towel sets for guests, especially in cultures that value this concept. In offices, you can use your personal towel to maintain hygiene without needing to interact with others. If you're a gym-goer, it's an essential item to keep in your bag. For those looking to make a statement at the beach, you can create a unique style by personalizing the design.

Promotional towels are not only for companies to give to their customers or the general public. You can use them too by choosing a design that fits your personal style or selecting from ready-made designs.

Promotional Towel Souvenirs: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Promotional Towel Souvenirs: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Are you looking for a unique gift to give to your loved ones? Look no further than promotional towel souvenir products! These make great gifts for a variety of people and occasions, including:

  • Housewives and homebodies
  • Individuals moving into a new home
  • Relatives attending university
  • People who enjoy hosting guests
  • Newlyweds
  • Customers of businesses looking to attract new clients
  • Employees of companies
  • Family members

With their practicality and customizable designs, promotional towel souvenirs are a thoughtful and versatile gift option.

Wholesale Availability for Promotional Towels and Gifts

If you're interested in purchasing Promotional towel products in bulk, you can do so by creating a dealer account for wholesale prices and orders. ZEGSEN Turkish Towel Company prides itself on utilizing top-notch raw materials and printing techniques to create high-quality products. The company offers a diverse range of designs and products, with a keen focus on fine details like anti-allergy properties and quality control. Any product details will be added and uploaded to the company's website,, provided there are no defects or issues such as paint fading.

Discover the Best Turkish Cotton Textile Products at ZEGSEN

Are you in pursuit of the perfect 100% Turkish cotton products? You've come to the right place. Visit today to explore our wide range of fashionable Turkish cotton textile products. Check our all collections.

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury with ZEGSEN Turkish Cotton Textile Goods

ZEGSEN is dedicated to producing the highest quality, hotel-grade Turkish cotton towels, blankets, and bathrobes that are built to last forever. Our products are versatile and can even be personalized to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to give your guests a memorable gift or advertise your company in a unique way, our towels are sure to leave a lasting impression. We meticulously inspect and handcraft each item to ensure our customers receive unparalleled quality and service.

Affordable Premium Turkish Cotton Home Textile on Sale

Our mission is simple: we believe that everyone should have access to the everyday luxury of high-quality Turkish cotton items. By working directly with customers and designing our products in-house, we can provide a superior product at a lower cost, without the added expenses of intermediary prices or physical stores. We take pride in using only OEKO-TEX 100® Standard certified cotton from the Aegean Region, which has undergone extensive testing to ensure that our products are free from harmful substances, making them safe for both people and the environment. Our customers love our products and often declare that they cannot use anything else after trying ours.

Our Expertise: Product Groups and Sales Across the Globe

Introducing ZEGSEN Turkish Towel Company's Product Line: Your One-Stop Online Shop for Original Turkish Products

ZEGSEN is a 100% online sales store based in Turkey, offering a wide range of original Turkish products. We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality materials, and we uphold strict quality control standards to ensure customer satisfaction. Not only do we offer our products for retail sales, but we also provide wholesale and bulk order options for corporate needs. Explore our website today.

ZEGSEN's Turkish Towels

These Turkish towels are available in various patterns, sizes, and vivid colors to suit your preferences. From Turkish cotton towels and peshtemal towels to personalized Turkish towels and blanket towels, there is something for everyone. The collection also includes hammam towels, waffle towels, and Turkish waffle towels, among others. These best towels are made from the best materials, ensuring they are long-lasting and soft to the touch. Whether you are looking for fouta towels or Turkish bath towels, has got you covered. photo of Turkish towels. In the photo, Zegsen's Turkish towels are exhibited by hanging in bamboo. Turkish towels are 5 pcs side by sides and all of them are in different colors.

ZEGSEN's Beach Towels offers a wide range of good-quality beach towels at the cheap price. Choose from our collection of Turkish towel beach towels, round beach towels, travel beach towels, hooded beach towels, cotton beach towels, microfiber beach towels, pool towels, custom beach towels, large beach towels, sand-resistant beach towels, oversized beach towels, personalized beach towels, quick-dry towels, and Turkish beach towels. Our sand towels come in vivid colors and a variety of patterns and sizes to suit your preferences. Shop now and experience the comfort and style of our original towel beach collection. photo of beach towels. In the photo, Zegsen's beach towels are exhibited by hanging in bamboo. beach towels are striped and 5 pcs side by sides and all of them are in different colors.

ZEGSEN's Promotional Towels, Turkish-style Gifts and Products

Discover's collection of towels and gifts, featuring unique and original products at the affordable prices. Choose from a wide range of products, including party favors and gift ideas for your loved ones. Find the perfect promotional towels, promo towels, bachelorette party gifts, bachelorette towels, personalized towelsValentine's day gifts, Christmas gifts, Legendary Friday (Black Friday) gift, or November 11th sale - 11.11 discount. They also offer Turkish-style gifts and products from the Grand Bazaar Istanbul. Check out Zegsen's best sellers to find the perfect gift for any occasion. promotional towel photo. In the photo, Zegsen's promotional towels are exhibited as folded on bamboo. The promotional towel is shown to be written in thick striped pink color and on a customized area. Text here is described that it can be used as a gift towel by customizing the written place.

ZEGSEN's Tea Towels offers a great collection of kitchen tea towels on sale. Our tea towels come in a wide range of colors and sizes, making them perfect as gifts for your loved ones. We have cotton tea towels, absorbent kitchen towels, dish towels, unpaper towels, Turkish tea towels, personalised tea towels, flour sack towels, christmas towels, and Turkish hand towels. Visit our website to check out our kitchen towels and get some great gift ideas. tea towel photo. In the photo, Zegsen's tea towel is exhibited on a white background. The color of the tea towel is white and has a red plaid patterned.

ZEGSEN Wholesale and Bulk Products offers a collection of the best deals from Turkish manufacturers and online wholesalers. Their products are made in Turkey and are of high quality and originality. They offer a wide range of options at the best prices for businesses or companies searching for suppliers from Turkey. Safe payment, fast delivery, same day handling time, and worldwide shipping are available. Their customer service is available 24/7. They offer various bulk towels and wholesale towels options such as wholesale waffle towels, wholesale turkish towelsbulk Turkish towels, bulk pool towels, bulk white towels, bulk beach towels, bulk bath towels, bulk turkish beach towelsclearance beach towelsbulk tea towels, and bulk kitchen towels. Wholesale and Bulk Sales

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Our distribution network spans across the globe, with a focus on a diverse range of product groups. The countries where we send free shipping; United States (US), Canada (CA), England (GB), United Kingdom (UK), Republic of Ireland (IE), Germany (DE), Netherlands (NL), Hungary (HU), Poland (PL), Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Switzerland (CH), Ukrania (UA) - Check your basket for the most advantageous and fair pricing to all other countries of the world.

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